Professional Spa & Wellness Convention speaker focus

Three speakers of the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention tell us about  2015 trends and what to expect of this year convention.

Andrew Gibson, Vice President, Spa and Wellness, Raffles, Fairmont and Swissôtel (Dubai),
Simon Casson, Regional Vice President and General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Dubai and 
Fernand Donnet, President & Chief Executive Officer SOPHOS Hotels (Switzerland) tell us what to expect of the 2015 Professional Spa & Wellness Convention


1- What have been the most important spa industry developments in the past few years?

Fernand Donnet : The most important spa industry development in the past few years has been the “health and medical orientation”. This is the confirmation of the Swiss-Phytotherapy strategy developed by Mr Jacky Maisonneuve more than 25 years ago!

Simon Casson: The evolution of natural products alongside the whole notion of overall wellness versus just spa

Andrew Gibson
- Technology- helping to change thoughts on guest service and guest services.
- Concept of Wellness- the true holistic integration of Spa.


2 - Which are the most pressing issues currently facing the spa & wellness industry? 

FD: Different issues have to be solved; on one side the expectation of the clientele who want much higher quality infrastructure and on the other side the low occupancy of these facilities and the return of investment.

AG:  Labor, Creativity, Economies of Scale

SC: Finding training and retaining the best people

3- What industry changes would you like to see in 2015?

SC: A great focus on human capital development and SPa being seen as a viable and valuable hotel career track

AG : Fitness, Corporate Wellness, and Wellness developing beyond spa & gym

FD: No specific changes but the confirmation of the health orientation.


4- Why industry event such as PSW Convention are so important?

FD: This event is important to share experiences and best practices with professionals. It keeps us awake and give the opportunity to challenge our business model.

AG: These events tackle common problem and enable the industry to voluntarily solve problems and raise standards

SC: They bring people together and create a renewed sense of pride in our business combined with learning and knowledge

5- What would you like the audience to take away from your session?

SC: A better understanding of the key role that ET plays in successful leadership along with some practical out takes on how to achieve this.

FD: To understand that the health and medical trend is one key solution for the Hotel industry, mainly for resort destination.

AG: Some ideas  that will make delegates think about their business.

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