Three-quarters of consumers prefer the natural look

Almost three-quarters (74%) of shoppers surveyed opted for the natural look on women compared to heavy make-up, according to research conducted by

The free delivery website asked 540 shoppers what they preferred, with the majority saying they found too much make-up off putting.

Only 26% said they loved the TOWIE look and preferred to see women well groomed and manicured.

The biggest make-up faux pas, with 24% of the vote, was too much foundation, followed closely by badly applied fake tan at 23%.

Almost a fifth, 18%, dislike spidery fake eyelashes and 13% voted elaborately painted and over long fingers nails as a beauty no no. 11% said overly made-up eyes, heavy eyeliner and poorly applied concealer was a make-up mishap and 9% said trout pout lips were off-putting.

However, nearly all of the consumers polled (93%) said they believed applying a small amount of make-up could often improve a look.