How to use high concentrations of active ingredients and medical-grade chemical peels without the side effects

The only way to formulate highly efficacious cosmeceutical skincare is by using active ingredients in high concentrations with a low pH.

The problem: side effects

The usual side effects associated with the use of high concentrations with low pH include irritation, burning, redness and unpleasant sensation during use.

All cosmeceutical companies use the same acids, so how can cosmetics companies cope with the irritation problem?

The only way to minimise these side effects is by lowering the acid concentration to a minimal level, adding buffers to the solutions and increasing the pH level. But, this results in products that are less active reducing the results achievable.

The Solution: DermShield™ Technology by Noon Aesthetics

DermShield technology is a compound that has enabled Noon Aesthetics to develop a paraceutical skincare product portfolio that contains active ingredients at breakthrough high concentration levels.

DermShield enables professionals to deliver impressive, industry-leading results for various skin concerns such as ageing skin, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, loss of elasticity, blemishes, seborrhea, and more – all without the typical downtime and side effects associated when using high concentration levels of active ingredients.

How does DermShield work?

A unique compound that inhibits the cascade of neurogenic inflammation, DermShield prevents the skin’s normal reaction to chemical stressors and reduces side effects to active ingredients by 95%, all with no downtime.

Noon’s medical-grade chemical peels include DermShield technology enabling the use of a high concentration of acids, with a pH of less than 1%.

It is suitable for all skin conditions and types and all genders and ages, and can be used all year long.

Homecare product example: Azelaic Acid

Azelaic acid is known and evidenced to have a therapeutic effect. It has an antibacterial effect to treat acne, reduces inflammation and alleviates rosacea. It is also a tyrosinase inhibitor, reducing synthesis of melanin and improving hyperpigmentation

In other cosmetics brands, a 7% concentration is used for home daily use and only 20% in clinic. Medical agents use up to 20% for daily use. Via the use of DermShield technology, Noon Aesthetics is able to produce Azelaic Acid which has been approved at 20-25% for daily use.

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