All you need to know about creating lash and brow packages

Published 14th Dec 2016 by PB Admin
All you need to know about creating lash and brow packages

By understanding the needs of different client groups, you can offer the perfect lash and brow treatments for your clientele.

Best for younger clients:
Eyelash extensions are often associated with clients in their late teens or early twenties who want a full, glamorous look to see them through multiple social occasions. But Donna Bell, head trainer at The Eyelash Emporium’s Pinewood Studios venue, warns that you should exercise caution, even with clients who have strong, healthy lashes. “Lashes are as unique as fingerprints – the whole point of being able to do lash extensions and be a good technician is being able to make that assessment of what is realistic and sustainable,” she says.

The brand’s new xD volume treatment offers fuller lashes but in varying lengths and thicknesses, which would be suitable for regulars as it protects the strength of the natural lash. “Younger clients do like the thicker, fuller, longer lashes, and with volume you’re distributing multiple fine lashes over one lash, so it doesn’t weigh the natural lashes down,” she says. Working with this kind of technique could also be a more cost-effective option for younger clients, who may be more price conscious, as Bell explains: “With [too long or heavy lashes] they’ll have to have more frequent in-fills because they’ll fall out due to the weight.”

A strong, full brow is still the most popular option for this client group, and a service incorporating a range of brow make-up products would appeal to a millennial obsessed with a perfect, “selfie-ready” look. “I treat a lot of clients in this age group and they want their brows strongly defined and crisp. They love all the contouring and highlighting,” says Billion Dollar Brows artist Caroline Stillwell. As this group tends to prefer a strong, dark shade, she adds that they often come in for extra tints between full appointments to keep the colour rich. You could incorporate extra tints into a package with the full treatment for a discounted rate to encourage maintenance.

Like Billlion Dollar Brows, Chelsea Beautique also offers a wide range of brow make-up products for retail along with its treatment. Although younger clients may covet whatever is popular on Instagram, Kerie Hoy, trainer for the brand, says it’s important to manage expectations: “A full treatment is still required to explain to them what actually suits their face and brows and what we can and can’t do,” she says. Clients can then use a product like Chelsea Beautique’s Eyebrow Powder to build on the finished look.

Best for hair loss:
Lash and brow treatments can go a long way towards boosting the confidence of someone suffering with hair loss or thinning due to a medical condition. Knowing which types of treatments are perfectly suited to these clients will allow you to offer a full, tailored eye service and open up your clientele. An in-depth, careful consultation is key to establish any contraindications before proceeding.

Providing the client is safe to continue with treatment, a service designed specifically for sparse or weak lashes would be ideal. Russian Varia is the latest iteration of volume lashes from The Eyelash Design Company and co-founder Christina Jenkins attests to its suitability for clients with weak lashes. “It’s perfect for filling in where the lashes have become sparse as it uses ultra-fine, lightweight lashes in different lengths and sizes for a really light, feathery finish. It’s also ideal for clients who find the Russian lashes look too full on.”

The company also has an effective solution for thinning brows, with a menu of brow treatments that can be “mixed and matched” to rebuild a new brow to the client’s needs. For example, Lola Brows, which uses semi-permanent, bespoke colour to tint the skin and existing eyebrow hairs, can be applied over the top of Brow Perfect eyebrow extensions, which can also be applied directly onto the skin to sculpt a new brow shape. “Brow Perfect doesn’t last long – that has to be made very clear to the client – but we can do Lola on top and they would last longer,” explains Jenkins.

Best for brides:
Brides can be the trickiest clients to deal with when you’re working together to create the exact look they want for the big day. “Brides want a classic and timeless shape that will still look great when they look back at photographs in years to come. It needs to be as close to their natural shape as possible,” says Nilam Holmes-Patel, chief executive of High Definition. Finding a style that suits them is crucial, so a full service like High Definition Brows that incorporates many elements to work with their face shape, features and colouring, is the best option.

“They also want a brow shape that will need little maintenance on their honeymoon,” adds Holmes-Patel, so tinting is key. Consider that the bride-to-be might be applying her own make-up on the day, so make sure you set aside enough time to go through homecare and how to apply the products for her desired look. “It’s important to use as much of the natural brow as possible in the make-up application, so they can recreate the look at home,” says Holmes-Patel. She recommends using products for a classic look that will last all day.

The most common concern bridal clients will have with lashes is that they are waterproof and will withstand tears during the ceremony and swimming on the honeymoon. For most lash-extension brands it’s vital to book clients in at least 48 hours before the wedding – the period of time for which they must avoid getting them wet. “Every bride’s ambition is to look perfect and groomed on her wedding day,” says Jenkins. “There’s no mascara and they’re long lasting, so you look beautiful during your wedding and honeymoon." Alternatively, lash lifting could also be a good choice, as most treatments tend to last for six to eight weeks and are also waterproof.

London Lash and Brow, from the creators of Heaven Skincare, has a lash-lifting treatment that locks a curl into lashes alongside an organic, plant-based tint that the brand claims lasts up to eight weeks and doesn’t require a patch test, which could be a good option for last-minute bridal clients.

Best for older clients:
Older clients are likely to be apprehensive about upgrading from a standard wax or tint to a complete brow service, so it’s important to listen to what they want the end result to look like. Also take into consideration that they might not want a look that requires maintenance with make-up. “Good brows can take 10 years off someone, but it’s crucial to get the right brow for that client and make it bespoke. There’s no point putting a heavy brow on a lady who doesn’t wear a lot of make-up,” advises Caron Lee, Brow by Mii educator and area manager for Gerrard International.

Brow by Mii uses a flexible, silicone-based wax that heats to just 48ºC making it more suitable for an older client with thinner, more delicate skin. “It’s less traumatic on the skin and you’ll get less reddening,” says Lee, adding: “We don’t thread in our treatment because you can easily catch the skin and cause trauma.” The brand’s retail line includes Brow Finishing Gel, a clear gel that helps to tame the long or wiry hairs common with grey-haired clients back into place if they are slightly distorted.

Lash lifting has taken off in a big way lately, and is a great option to offer your older clients, as Carrie Fuell, head trainer at Nouveau Lashes, explains: “An older client maybe can’t see very well or doesn’t like wearing mascara and just wants something to open up their eyes a bit more. As we get older, lashes tend to be less healthy, so it’s going to improve the look of them, lift them, and make them look thicker and darker.”

A good option for clients who want a subtler look than extensions, LVL Enhance has three different lash shields – natural, medium or more dramatic – that give a different intensity of lift to the lashes. Fuell says older clients tend to opt for medium. “They don’t want it to be really dramatic but they do want it to be noticeable,” she says. A tint can be incorporated into the treatment and the colour tailored to the client’s preferred look. “Blue/black gives the darkest look, which the majority tend to go for, but we can use brown/black or just brown to make it a bit softer,” adds Fuell. 

Lead pic: ©New Look; middle: The Eyelash Design Company.

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Published 14th Dec 2016

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