Are LED lashes the next big beauty trend?

Published 23rd Jun 2017 by PB Admin
Are LED lashes the next big beauty trend?

The future of false lashes is here and apparently, they are “fine, fresh, fierce” and light up.

F.Lashes are lightweight, easy-to-apply false LED lashes that attach to your lids with regular glue, while a tiny battery is attached to the client’s head using hair clips.

Two invisible wires then connect the battery to each eyelash strip, which then lights them up.

The wearable tech comes in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow and green, and has different light modes, including Dance Mode and Sparkle Mode.

Also, as you tilt your head, jump, twist or dance, the lashes react to the movement and change pattern.

Designers Tim Pham and Davey Taylor debuted their colour-changing LED lashes at Maker Faire, an event that celebrates arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the “do-it-yourself” mindset.

The lashes aren’t available to buy yet but a Kickstarter campaign has been launched, and if successful, will be put into production.

What do you make of the lashes? Comment below.




PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 23rd Jun 2017

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