B Corp Beauty Coalition launches to improve beauty industry's sustainability standards

Published 13th Jan 2022 by PB Admin
B Corp Beauty Coalition launches to improve beauty industry's sustainability standards

26 certified B Corp beauty companies have teamed up to form a new coalition to improve sustainability standards within the beauty industry. 

B Corp Beauty Coalition aims to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint and raise public awareness of connecting beauty with responsibility, and is formed of certified B Corporations – businesses that balance purpose with profit.  

Professional brands Aromatherapy Associates, Davines Group and Made For Life Organics are among the beauty companies that have helped form the group. 

The launch of the coalition is extremely timely, as the home and personal care industry came fourth in a list of the top 10 industries with the most sustainable B Corporations around the world, according to new research by Money Transfers

What will B Corp Beauty Coalition do?

Its mission is to deliver “beauty for good”, enabling collaboration and exchange between companies; identifying and sharing better practices; implementing improvement actions and publishing their outcomes; helping consumers more easily navigate the category; and influencing the beauty industry to trigger broader changes which can improve its social and environmental footprint. 

“As certified B Corporations meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact, we have become increasingly uncomfortable with the social and environmental footprint of the beauty industry and concluded our respective solo efforts to enable positive change can be enhanced through a partnership of mutual commitment,” said Davide Bollati, president of Davines and founding member of the B Corp Beauty Coalition. 

“So, we have decided to form a coalition to leverage our combined strengths and deliver tangible benefits to beauty customers, communities, and the planet we share.”

Shaun Russell, founder of home and body fragrance brand Skandinavisk and a co-founding member of the coalition, added: “Specifically, we commit to invest our time and efforts to improve four key issues that affect everyone and everything: ingredient sourcing and sustainability; greener logistics; packaging responsibility; consistent and clear external messaging that customers can understand and trust.”

Read B Corp Beauty Coalition’s full manifesto

What else is the beauty industry doing to be more sustainable?

Last year, the British Beauty Council launched the Sustainable Beauty Coalition (SBC) – a group which is working to tackle the global climate change emergency by creating a framework of action that the beauty and wellness industry could collectively follow to boost its sustainability efforts.

The SBC recently launched the Planet Positive Beauty Guide as well to help consumers confidently make greener beauty choices and spot when companies are “greenwashing” products.  

Another important group to note is the Sustainable Spa Association (SAA) – a membership organisation which is offering advice to spa operators to help improve their sustainability efforts. 

For small changes you can make today which will help the planet, check out our “10 ways to make your salon more eco-friendly” guide. 

What do you make of the formation of this coalition? Tell us your thoughts below. 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 13th Jan 2022

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