Vegan beauty boom: 41% are investing in animal-free skincare this Veganuary

As consumers across the world go vegan this month for Veganuary, many are searching for vegan alternatives beyond what’s on their plate.

41% of consumers who are taking part in Veganuary are also looking for vegan alternatives to the skincare products they currently use, found new research by skincare brand Skin Proud.  

Of the 2,000 Brits surveyed, the main reason for being vegan or trying vegan beauty products was due to worries about the environmental impact (38%) and concerns over animal welfare (36%), the report found. 

While almost half (45%) of those surveyed admitted they were not fully vegan, they said they liked to try vegan products, while almost six in 10 of those surveyed claimed to not be aware that vegan skincare products existed.

The survey also found that women were more likely to try vegan alternatives than men. 

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“We know many people are hesitant to take the step to try vegan alternatives in their skincare routines. Our hope in 2022 is that vegan options should become the first and only consumer choice for skincare and beauty products to help with animal and environmental impacts,” said Nora Zukauskaite, marketing director at Skin Proud. 

Animal welfare is a key issue at the moment, with 85% of Brits against the reintroduction of animal testing for cosmetics in the UK.  

This research was undertaken as part of Skin Proud’s “Cowfunding” campaign to protect cow’s right in the UK and US. The campaign will see Skin Proud team up with Animal Equality to donate 50% of online profits this January.

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