Babtac campaign urges public to "Book in for Beauty" to support salons while boosting their wellbeing

The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (Babtac) has launched a new campaign urging the general public to “Book in for Beauty” treatments to help secure the future of UK salons while also improving clients’ wellbeing.

Despite an initial boom in treatment appointments when coronavirus lockdown was lifted, some customers still feel hesitant to return back to salon, says Babtac, and 46% of businesses don’t know if their company will survive past the pandemic, found data by the British Beauty Council and the NHBF.

But it’s not just salons who are suffering. According to The Mental Health Foundation, 42% of the UK population are currently experiencing worry or anxiety, and some of this could be down to lack of human touch and interaction.

This is why, via the “Book in for Beauty” campaign, Babtac is encouraging salons to refocus their efforts when it comes to caring for the customer, putting an emphasis on a more holistic approach that caters to clients physical and mental wellbeing as a way to get them back in.

The goal is to save beauty jobs while also helping clients manage their mental health. 

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Batac chief executive and chair Lesley Blair said: “Now more than ever, beauty professionals need to consider their client's mental health. Adjusting your treatment menu to cater for the new world is a great first step to making people more inclined to book back in.”

Meanwhile, the British Beauty Council also recently launched a campaign – “Oh Hello Beauty” – encouraging people to return to beauty salons during coronavirus, helping these businesses to survive. 

Babtac suggests implementing the following ideas in salon to help get clients back in:

Babtac announces new nationwide ambassadors:

Meanwhile, Babtac has also announced its ambassador programme, which features the UK’s top beauty therapists, facialists and salon owners whose aim is promote best standards within the industry.

Six ambassadors have been revealed:

The ambassadors will provide further representation of the organisation’s 10,000+ members and will advocate important messages through their own peer-to-peer channels to further the exposure of essential Babtac campaigns, such as #MakeBeautySafe. 

What do you make of the new campaign? Tell us your thoughts below. 

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