Babtac calls for regulation of the beauty industry with #MakeBeautySafe campaign

The British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (Babtac) has launched Make Beauty Safe – a new campaign to make the unregulated beauty industry safer for consumers.

The UK beauty industry is currently unregulated, which means “there is nothing to stop someone with little or no training from establishing themselves as a seemingly professional therapist”, says Babtac, which is why it is campaigning for a change in Government legislation. 

The membership organisation wants a minimum of a mandatory register that can verify all therapists are competently qualified and have a fit for purpose qualification and adequate insurance, to ensure both client and therapist safety. 

The campaign is being backed by several industry associations, including British Beauty Council, JCCP and UK Spa Association, as well as the All Part Parliamentary Group for Beauty, Aesthetics and Wellbeing.

“The ultimate goal would be for full regulation, either by the Government or independent industry bodies. Other industries have this, so we should too. With confusion around Covid-19 safety measures, a clear code of conduct needs to be established to ensure safety of all those encountering the beauty industry – be it professionally or personally,” said Lesley Blair, chair of Babtac.  

“There are so many issues to contend with. From two-day courses selling themselves as reputable qualifications to unqualified practitioners administering injectables, without the means to deal with any complications should they arise. We need a Government regulated standard across all areas of beauty.”

How can I take part in Babtac’s Make Beauty Safe campaign?

Treatments such as waxing, lash extensions, skin needling, laser and injectables can do serious harm to someone’s health if not performed correctly. 

Babtac are asking reputable beauty professionals to sign its petition for change, as well as share the #MakeBeautySafe post (see image below) on social media to further raise awareness of the campaign.

“For Government to pay attention, we need thousands of people to sign up, so that’s why we’re calling to the best in the industry to help us share our message,” explains Blair. 

The body will then send a letter to Government laying out the steps they are urging them to make. 

Sign Babtac’s #MakeBeautySafe petition now

Babtac Make Beauty Safe

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