Beata Aleksandrowicz talks promoting pro-ageing in your salon

Ageing in our society has always been feared. Clients are often frightened of it, and much of the beauty industry frames it as a negative thing.

So, how do we approach ageing as a valued part of our whole life’s journey? I believe that we need to redefine the conversation and the messages – from anti-ageing to pro-ageing. 

As a business, you need to look at ways to support your clients to take care of their body, face and emotional wellbeing in the most natural and rewarding way. This can include lifestyle advice, health and wellness tips and completely rewriting your treatment and therapy menus. 

I am dealing with all of these issues of ageing myself, while simultaneously witnessing the struggles and confusion of my clients. I meet women every day in my private practice in Notting Hill, many of whom talk about themselves in negative terms regarding their looks and how they are ageing.

We live in a culture that worships youth and views ageing as a failure. But if we learn to embrace our emerging selves, we can age wonderfully well – across all aspects, including our face and body, our thoughts and emotions, and our inner selves. 

At my upcoming talk at Professional Beauty London, I will be sharing with therapists a new perspective on ageing and giving them guidance about how to support their clients to stay positive, fit, beautiful and confident. 

My talk will also address a shift in the therapist’s role, from passive provider of creams and procedures to active adviser, much beyond a simple skincare routine. It challenges therapists towards self-growth and expansion of their knowledge that must include not only physical, but also emotional and mental wellbeing.

 Beata Aleksandrowicz is the founder of The Aleksandrowicz System and will be speaking in the “How to…” seminar programme at PB London.

 Professional Beauty London is taking place at ExCel London on October 11–12. Register for your free ticket

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