Beauty advent calendar sales set to soar as Brits invest in more extravagant gifts

Published 19th Nov 2018 by PB Admin
Beauty advent calendar sales set to soar as Brits invest in more extravagant gifts

2018 is the year of the beauty advent calendar, with more people set to invest in one of these extravagant gifts than ever before. 

13.5% of Brits who plan to buy an advent calendar this year are looking to purchase a beauty one and spend, on average, £32.45 on it, according to new research from analytics company Global Data, making it the most popular alternative choice to chocolate. 

Beauty also came in higher than alcohol-based advent calendars, with only 11.3% of Brits intending to buy one for around £27.60, and toy themed ones, with 11.4% planning to purchase one, looking to spend on average £17.70, the report found. 

Chocolate remains the most popular type of advent calendar, with a massive 73.6% of Brits stating they intend to buy a traditional one, spending on average £6.67. 

Experts at Global Data say the boom in beauty advent calendars is down to consumers opting for more extravagant ways of treating themselves ahead of the Christmas festivities. 

“With more choice in non-chocolate advent calendars than ever before and these tending to have a much higher price point, a wider range is available, tempting consumers and encouraging them to spend more on these products,” said Zoe Mills, retail analyst at GlobalData. 

The average spend on advent calendars is also up year-on-year, highlighting a boost in sales that these products can provide for all kinds of small businesses. 

Meanwhile, Global Data predicted earlier this year that smart mirrors could change how clients shop for skincare products

Image (L–R): Espa's Comfort & Joy advent calendar, Elemis's Christmas advent calendar 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 19th Nov 2018

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