56% of beauty salons and hairdressers have suffered a cyber-attack

More than half (56%) of UK beauty salons, hairdressers and barbershops have been the victim of cyber fraud, found research by beauty and hair trade association the National Hairdressers’ Federation (NHF).

The survey of its members found that 52% had suffered a financial loss due to cyber-crime, which were most commonly card fraud and phone scams, while only 17% had their losses covered by their bank.

“If you don’t take cyber security seriously, you are risking serious financial and reputational loss,” said NHF chief executive Hilary Hall.

“Salons and barbershops hold data on clients and employees which is very valuable to cyber criminals. Remember that GDPR imposes much stricter requirements than the old Data Protection Act and you must make sure that any data you hold is secure and protected.” 

This news comes after a report by the National Cyber Security Centre, released in April, revealed that criminals are launching more online attacks against British businesses than ever before – 44% of small and medium-sized businesses have been targeted, while one in four (23%) have been victims of fraud.

The average cost to businesses who were victims of fraud was £35,000, the report found. 

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