[Updated: new guidance released] Beauty salons and spas in Scotland can reopen on July 22

[Update:] Mobile therapists are not permitted to work on July 22 when salons and spas reopen in Scotland, after an announcement was made today (July 22). New guidance for the retail sector in Scotland, including beauty and spa, was published on July 17.

The update stated the following: "Due to increased risk of infection transmission," the reopening of mobile beauty businesses "should not take place in people's homes but should be resticted to salons or private practices."

The update on July 17 stated: "The ‘high risk zone’ is defined as ‘the area in front of the face where splashes and droplets from the nose and mouth may be present, which can pose a hazard’. If treatments in the high risk zone cannot be carried out without the ability to be provided from the side of the face or behind the head and therefore require prolonged periods in the highest risk zone then they should not be offered in this phase of the Scottish Government’s Route Map."

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed on July 9 that beauty salons and spas in Scotland can reopen their doors post-coronavirus lockdown on Wednesday, July 22. 

The Scottish Government has updared its document, Coronavirus (COVID-19): retail sector guidance - Guidance for the retail sector, including close contact services such as hairdressers and barbers, which covers procedures for staff and customer safety and an operations checklist. It can be downloaded here.

The guidance document also states that Scottish salons should refer to the UK guidance document for advice regarding operating safely, stating: "UK Government has published Guidance for Close Contact Services which should be referred to. The UK Government guidance has been developed in consultation with the Scottish Government and is a recommended source of information. Key points of divergence between the Scottish Government and the UK Government advice are that face coverings are mandatory for clients and for staff under the conditions listed in the face coverings section of the workforce planning guidance."

The document also includes a printable "checklist that should be considered by close contact business owners as part of a risk assessment". 

During a briefing to the Scottish Parliament, Sturgeon confirmed that Scotland would be moving into phase three of its Covid-19 lockdown easing as all the necessary requirements have been met.

Hairdressers reopened their doors from Wednesday, July 15, while beauty salons and spas can reopen on Wednesday, July 22 –  subject to enhanced hygiene measures being in place.

“At that time personal retail services, which have not yet been able to reopen, such as beauticians and nail salons, will be able to reopen with enhanced hygiene measures in place,” said Sturgeon. 

This will be welcome news for the Scottish beauty industry, which has been eagerly awaiting news on a reopening date. 

When are beauty salons opening in the rest of the UK?

Beauty salons in England began to reopen from July 13, with treatments on the face prohibited until August 1. 

Beauty salons in Wales have been given a reopening date of July 27.

Meanwhile, beauty and hair salons have already opened in Northern Ireland

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