PB Webinars: how facialists can prepare to reopen, and advice for new salon owners

This week’s PB Webinar line-up (July 20–24) promises to deliver advice and information on how to run your beauty salon or spa business as the country continues to loosen its coronavirus restrictions. 

Chelseé Lewis will be talking about how facialists in England can get physically and mentally ready to reopen their businesses on August 1, while Busi Chamboko will be talking about how new beauty businesses can manage their finances to survive the pandemic. 

We will also have an exclusive session with medical facialist Renée Lapino on the benefits of radiofrequency microneedling and how this treatment works.  

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What to expect from this week’s PB Webinar line-up (July 20–24):


Monday 20 July – 11:30am – Live webinar with Renée Lapino – “Radiofrequency microneedling: impressive anti-ageing results with minimal downtime”

Sponsored by: Cutera

In this joint Professional Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine webinar, medical facialist Renée Lapino will explain why radiofrequency (RF) microneedling is a favourite minimally-invasive option in her treatment toolkit. Lapino will talk through the indications, considerations and treatment protocols of this combined approach, as well as the results she’s achieved so far with Cutera’s new Secret RF device. There will be a 15-minute Q&A at the end where Lapino will answer all your questions.


Tuesday 21 July – 11:30am – Live webinar with Chelseé Lewis – “Facialists: how to mentally and physically prepare to reopen”

Facialist Chelseé Lewis has 24 years industry experience and owns her own salon in Mayfair, London. In this webinar, Lewis will be talking about how facialists can mentally and physically prepare their businesses to reopen post-Covid-19 lockdown (following the news that all facial treatments in England can resume on Aug 1), and the best tools to help you achieve this – for example, from getting into the right headspace to strengthening your wrists. There will be a 15-minute audience Q&A at the end. 


Wednesday 22 July – 11am – Live webinar with Busi Chamboko – “Surviving the Covid-19 pandemic as a new salon owner”

Skincare specialist and owner of Second Skin Therapy, Busi Chamboko, will be discussing her experience as a new beauty salon owner during the coronavirus pandemic, from how she’s managing her finances to prepping to reopen. There will be a 15-minute audience Q&A at the end.


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