Beauty influencers on YouTube earn up to £600,000 per year

Published 07th Jul 2021 by PB Admin
Beauty influencers on YouTube earn up to £600,000 per year

The top 10 beauty influencers earn, on average, £598,571 per year via search engine platform YouTube, according to new research by creative DIY community hub DIYS.

Gaming is the highest paid YouTube industry, with an average estimated annual salary of £6,829,182 per year – based on the top 10 highest paid vloggers; while food YouTube vloggers came in second place with an average estimated annual salary of £651,628 among the top 10, the report found.

Beauty came in third, with the top beauty vloggers on YouTube earning an estimated average of £598,571 per year. This figure is a stark contrast to the average salaries of those working in the industry, such as a hair stylist (£22,718 average annual salary), make-up artist (£21,458) and beauty consultant – retail (£18,526). 

DIYS used data from social media analytics tool Social Blade to establish which industries have the highest earning salaries per year on YouTube. The hub did this by creating a seed list of popular YouTubers in segmented genres and averaging their estimated yearly earnings. 

List of YouTube genres that will earn you the most money:

Earnings of YouTubers in table

The data also revealed that one-third of children between the ages of eight to 12 aspire to become vloggers. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, with one billion hours of content watched daily. 

Another recent survey also revealed who the biggest celebrity skincare and beauty influencers are and you’ll never guess who came out top

What do you make of beauty YouTubers estimated salaries? Tell us your thoughts below. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 07th Jul 2021

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