The biggest celebrity skincare and beauty influencers – revealed

The influence of celebrities on beauty and skin trends has always been a huge part of the beauty industry, and these are the names that are making the biggest waves, research from RY has revealed.

The study analysed Google search data to reveal the celebrity skincare and beauty routines that consumers want to replicate. Looking at skincare-related searches for hundreds of celebrities, the study revealed that the biggest celebrity “skinfluencer” is Barbadian singer, actress and fashion designer, Rihanna. 

See the full list of skincare results below: 

Top 10 celebrity skincare searches

Rihanna - 51,680 annual skincare searches

Jennifer Lopez - 50,800 annual skincare searches

Kylie Jenner - 49,100 annual skincare searches

Paris Hilton - 36,500 annual skincare searches

Miranda Kerr - 25,950 annual skincare searches

Jessica Alba - 22,600 annual skincare searches

Jennifer Aniston - 22,300 annual skincare searches

Meghan Markle - 15,440 annual skincare searches

Kendall Jennder - 11,260 annual skincare searches

Bella Thorne - 9,950 annual skincare searches

Rihanna is renowned for her beauty brand, Fenty, which offers her followers the chance to mirror her skincare routine. Coming in close second and third were Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner, the former  over the age of 50 and still making a huge effect in the current trends of skincare, and the latter also launching a cosmetics and skincare line which has likely contributed to this level of success and relevance in the industry.

The research also revealed the top five celebrity beauty looks in general:

Kylie Jenner - 816,400 annual searches

Ariana Grande - 678,340 annual searches

Jennifer Anniston - 642,800 annual searches

Selena Gomez - 640, 790 annual searches

Kim Kardashian - 341,050 annual searches

Once again, Kylie Jenner proved her significant influence on the industry as the most searched beauty look by a sizable margin. Ariana Grande, who came in second place, is rumoured to be launching her own beauty line named ‘God is a Woman’ soon, says RY.

Other significant findings from the report include the biggest celebrity beauty inspirations from the past, discovered to be Marilyn Monroe (191,810 annual searches), Twiggy (164,430) and David Bowie (150,900), and the most popular celebrity makeup inspirations, revealed as Kylie Jenner (571,400, Ariana Grande (299,600) and Selena Gomez (232,200).

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