British men's lack of interest in personal grooming defies global trends

Published 29th Oct 2019 by PB Admin
British men's lack of interest in personal grooming defies global trends

Despite a steady rise in global interest for male grooming, Britain’s men do not seem to be following suit. 

Research from analyst Kantar has revealed that only 44% of British men make an effort to maintain their appearance, considerably lower than the global average of 57%.

It is also reported that 20% of British men globally make no effort to maintain their appearance, while globally only 11% of men make the same claim.

Additionally, 23% of British men state that looking young bothered them, a sizeable difference compared to 58% of Chinese and 50% of Italian men with the same concerns.

Finally, Kantar reported that the British man uses 14% fewer products than the global average for men.

These statistics may be surprising to some, with successful British shows such as Love Island contributing positively to the male grooming industry.

“Globally, it’s a promising picture for beauty brands and manufacturers.  Men are increasingly comfortable buying, using and enjoying grooming and care products and they’re developing a better knowledge of what’s on the shelves. However in some places it’s still a bit more challenging,” Alex Foch, personal care specialist at Kantar, said.

“Brands should take a step back and think about new ways of enticing them into the sector. If men think expanding their grooming regime is going to eat into their valuable free time they won’t do it, so ease and convenience have to be high on the agenda.”

Although Britain may not be following trends, Ireland has become one of countries that is the most invested in male grooming trends, becoming the fourth in the world for spending money on their appearance.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 29th Oct 2019

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