British women could be wasting over £100 on make-up they rarely use

Two thirds of British women have separate everyday and “special occasion” make-up products but don’t use the more expensive items enough to warrant their price tag.

A survey by money saving website Voucher Codes Pro found these items add up to an average of £130, while most women’s everyday make-up bag is worth £48.30.

Of the women asked, the survey found they spend 15 minutes on average doing their make-up every day but an hour and 11 minutes getting ready for a night out or special occasion.

63% of respondents said they own both high-end and mass-market products but 49% said they only use the more expensive items occasionally because of the cost, while 28% said they use these products to look different on special occasions.

The survey didn't ask respondents how long they keep the expensive products they don't regularly use, but consumers should be aware that all make-up has an expiry date after which it becomes potentailly unsafe to use.