British women stockpiling their favourite beauty products ahead of Brexit

With Brexit looming, British women are stockpiling their favourite beauty products, with many believing prices will go up after March 29. 

According to new research by beauty brand Foreo, 46% of women who use European skincare brands believe the price of their must-have beauty buys will go up after Brexit, with more than one in 10 already stockpiling their favourites.

Millennials are more likely than any other age group to be stashing supplies – with one in four (26%) already bulk buying before the Brexit deadline.

A quarter of those surveyed (25%) also said they would struggle most if Brexit led to product shortages in the beauty sector over any others, including long or short-life food products, medication or medical supplies, household products, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or cigarettes, the report found. 

There’s growing concerns about how Brexit will impact the beauty industry, especially with women’s-only private members’ club Grace Belgravia blaming its closure on the UK’s exit from the EU

Sorbet UK also said Brexit played a part in the company’s closure of its London salons in January. 

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