UK ranks 4th in world for annual beauty spend

Published 12th Jul 2023 by PB Admin

The UK has been revealed as the fourth highest country for average beauty spend, with Brits spending an average of £184.06 each year on beauty products.

The research, from retailer Cult Beauty, examined consumer spending on beauty products and analysed popular product preferences in each country per capita.

The study highlighted the UK's love for at-home treatments, with £7 billion of the UK's annual spend going on nail polishes for DIY mani-pedis.

Taking the top spot was Japan, with an average spend of £241.83 per annum. Cult Beauty said in its research how "the rise of Gen-Zs and their passion for social media have heavily influenced Japan’s beauty market, with younger generations spending up to 20% more on makeup and skincare than the baby boomers. Lip tints reign as the most popular product in the country with sales rocketing to £10.2 billion per year".

The study revealed an almost £50 per year difference in annual spend between Japan and the US, which placed second, where the average spend on beauty products is £194.17. Foundation was the most purchased product, with sales totalling £18 billion per year.

The top 10 countries for beauty spend



Amount spent per annum in £ per person on beauty products

Most purchased product (total spend/year in £)

1 Japan 241.83 Lip tints (10.2 billion)
2 United States 194.17 Foundation (18 billion)
3 South Korea 185.49 BB cream (5.4 billion)
4 United Kingdom 184.06 Nail polish (7 billion)
5 Australia 182.99 Shampoo (964 million)
6 France 180.62 Facial moisturiser (803 million)
7 Germany 173.15 Shampoo (8.3 billion)
8 Canada 159.05 Lipstick (723 million)
9 Italy 148.45 Foundation (643 million)
10 Spain 138.63 Facial masks (562 million)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, South Korea finishes the top three, with the home of K-beauty averaging £185.49 per year, with BB Cream taking the top spot for the country's most purchased products, generating sales of £5.4 billion per year.

Overall, the most popular beauty product in the world is foundation, with global sales expected to reach ¢20.5 billion by 2025, according to a 2022 report by the NPD Group

A spokesperson for Cult Beauty commented on the findings, saying, "The results from our beauty-obsessed nations study highlight the fascinating and ever-evolving landscape of beauty across the globe. It’s evident that beauty holds a special place in the hearts of people from different cultures and backgrounds from around the world.

"Our findings not only reveal the countries that invest the most in their beauty routines but also shed a light on the beauty product preferences that shape these markets."

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 12th Jul 2023

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