A fifth of Brits are using a potentially damaging product to treat their skin condition

One in five adults who have a skin condition such as eczemaacne or psoriasis are using a potentially damaging product on their skin on purpose to try and alleviate the symptoms, according to new research conducted by skincare company Medovie.

Six in 10 admitted to turning to methods that they now regret to help cure or heal their skin condition, while only less than 20% have found the “perfect” routine for their skin despite all the trial and error. 

Just under half (47%) admitted to scratching their skin, 33% have used a scrub that is too harsh, and 30% skip their moisturiser – all of which could cause further irritation to inflamed or irritated skin. This just highlights how important a consultation with a professional skin therapist is to help consumers manage these skin conditions. 

The poll of 2,000 adults with skin conditions found that Brits are using on average eight different products to combat their skin issue, while one in 10 have tried 16 or more different products to get themselves looking their best.

The research also found that three quarters have had a formal diagnosis of a skin complaint, with an average of four-and-a-half months wait to find out what it was, and up to a third of people (29%) waiting more than six months to have their skin condition diagnosed. 

Unsurprisingly, six in 10 wish they had been able to get their diagnosis sooner, with the most common complaints being eczema (54%), acne (32%), and psoriasis (31%). 

Top 15 things those with skin conditions have done when they’ve had a bad skin day:  

Gone to great lengths to cover it up


Wanted to speak to someone about it but wasn’t sure who


Missed a social gathering with a group of friends


Been too scared to meet new people


Tried a potentially damaging method to try to cure it


Booked an appointment with a specialist


Not been able to leave your house


Turned the lights off when in bed with a partner


Cancelled a date


Skipped school/college or university lectures


Pulled a sick day at work


Missed my friend/family’s birthday


Lost out on an exciting opportunity


Have considered harming myself


Cancelled a holiday


This correlates with other data which has shown the impact skin conditions have on people’s mental health, with 79% of eczema sufferers missing work and 46% of acne patients more likely to develop depression.

“Finding the perfect skincare routine, especially for those with chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can be a long road, especially when you’re unsure as to what your issue may be,” said Nadav Shraibom, scientific founder and skin consultant at Medovie.

“While trying different products may help you find your perfect routine, this can actually be doing more harm than good and could be damaging your skin barrier, causing more irritation and inflammation.”

Did you know that half of people in Europe have suffered from a skin condition in the past 12 months?

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