Brow lamination and Billie Eilish in Google's top beauty trends of 2019

Published 13th Dec 2019 by PB Admin
Brow lamination and Billie Eilish in Google's top beauty trends of 2019

Google's "Year In Search" showed that brow lamination and lash application were among 2019's top beauty searches in the UK.

"Year in Search" offers an insight in to what the British public have been searching for online across a number of topics, including beauty.

Beauty YouTuber and make-up artist Jeffree Star ranked top of the beauty trends list in the UK for his make-up line, "Jeffree Star Cosmetics".

Other terms in the top 10 of the list include "bacne" and "brow lamination", highlighting the rising popularity of the new brow treatment.

Within the UK, the term was searched for the most in Wales - although "brow lamination training" was most popular in England.

"How to apply" lashes among top searches.

Consumers were also turning to Google for advice on their lashes. In the "How to apply" trend, "fake lashes" and "individual lashes" were the 2nd and 6th most searched terms respectively. "How to make eyelashes longer" was also the 9th most searched term under the 'how to make" trend.

Other beauty products in the top 10 searches for "how to apply" included "blush", "toner", "liquid foundation" and "self-tanner". 

Google also revealed which celebrities were influencing beauty and style in 2019. "Bad Guy" singer Billie Eilish ranked highest for searches, whilst Audrey Hepburn offered a more classical inspiration as the second most searched for celebrity.

Social media site Pinterest recently predicted their top beauty trends for 2020, whilst the global colour company Pantone named "Classic Blue" as their colour for 2020.M

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 13th Dec 2019

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