Space-inspired make-up tops Pinterest's 2020 beauty trends

Social media site Pinterest has revealed its top 100 list of trends for 2020 based on the most searched for terms and it looks like accessible wellness and space-inspired make-up are set to make a big impact on the beauty and spa industries. 

Accessible wellness

2020 will see wellness become more accessible for the masses, with a focus on simple habits people can instil into their everyday lives to boost their mood and wellbeing.  

Social media detoxes will surge, thanks to a 314% increase in searches, while art therapy activities (up 444%), self-discovery journals (+147%) and mood-booster playlists (+85%) will also boom in popularity.

Some spas are ahead of the curve and have been tapping into these trends already, with Retreat to Gayles in South Downs having hosted a successful social media detox weekend and the newly opened The Harrogate Spa at the DoubleTree by Hilton Harrogate Majestic Hotel banning smartphones in the spa area. 

Many consumers will also be turning to aromatherapy favourite ylang ylang oil, known for its restorative properties, to calm and re-center them in stressful times – with search interest increasing 91%, the data found. 

Space-inspired make-up

For MUAs, 2020 will focus on planet-inspired make-up, thanks to an incredible 217% search increase. This “outer-space daydreams” theme will see intergalactic purple lip gloss, black lipstick and icy blue eyeshadow soar in popularity. This ties in nicely with colour provider Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2020, which is Classic Blue

Consumers will also be focusing on being more eco-friendly in 2020, moving towards “conscious consumption” as they re-evaluate their impact on the environment. Green initiatives such as eco-friendly swaps (the search term is up 172%), buying products in glass bottles rather than plastic, will take centre stage. 

Other big themes for 2020 include responsible travel and reruns of popular ’90s TV programmes, which have all seen a significant increase in search volumes this year.  

How does Pinterest predict the trends?

More than 320 million people around the world use Pinterest every month. The site’s annual trend list is constructed from its data of global search volumes, comparing figures from August 2017 to July 2018 with those of August 2018 to July 2019, and then identifying the top 100 topics with significant search volumes and consistent upward growth.

These are then grouped into 10 cultural shifts, covering categories from food, home and style, to beauty, travel and family. 

Do you agree with Pinterest’s predicted trends for 2020? Comment below. 

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