The business benefits of entering industry awards

Why do industry awards matter? For many, entering beauty salon awards can be seen as an exciting time mixed with some fearful thoughts of – its time consuming to enter, the process is stressful and bringing up doubts of if you’re ready for this. 

Well, it’s time to change your perception and stretch your personal development. Take a moment to consider all the positive aspects that things like the Professional Beauty Awards can bring you and your business. On the surface it’s an adrenaline boost, an ego stroked, publicity, an unmatchable five-star review and, of course, recognition among your peers. 

Now think again; it’s all the above and more. For me, entering awards it is a practice in selfcare and mindfulness, it’s about professionalism, value-setting and honouring your own code. It is self-reflection, discipline and a self-assessment at its best. 

At the heart of my entries it is giving the time to stand back and observe my goals, giving me a chance to write down and give clarity to why I am in this business. It’s about having a brand based around strong management values and that has kept true to its original intention – to provide space to clients to be who they need to be while providing professional high-end services and products with a happy team. 

The emphasis of holding true to your intentions with a strong business mind in tow. Without entering the Professional Beauty awards each year, I would be denying myself daily coaching to hold tight to the nucleus of managing a healthy team that have a great work-life balance. Without entering the awards, it would be easy to sit back, be complacent and lose sight of making highly structured progress.

Industry awards are the towering pillars supporting our great work, so take the time to give yourself and your salon the attention it needs to ensure you stay on track. Your staff will only perform as well as the care you provide, and your customers will only review you well from the care your team provides. 

Your business will only financially succeed if you care about its management. You will succeed if you take the time to care and understand who you are and what you want mapping out your business. 

The Professional Beauty Awards are mentoring us, so why not join in and give yourself a pat on the back for taking part.

Sam Francome is managing director of Hazelwood salon in Chippenham, which won the 2018 South West & Wales Large Salon of the Year Professional Beauty Regional Award

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