80% of clients can’t wait to return to spa post-coronavirus lockdown

Despite coronavirus having had a massive impact on the spa industry, UK consumers can’t wait to relax in spas again, with 80% keen to visit now or in the next few months, found spa listings website The Good Spa Guide’s consumer habits survey, conducted in collaboration with the UK Spa Association.

More than half (65%) of the 5,000 people surveyed cited “just relaxing in a spa environment” as their main reason for returning and 6% also plan to visit more regularly than before, showing how much people rely on spas to help them relax and decompress from the stresses of daily life.

Despite the financial pressures brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, 80% expect to spend the same amount of money on their spa time as they did previously, with the most confident market those aged 46–60, the report found. Men are also the most likely to return straight away and splash the most cash. 

However, when spas reopen, 69% will feel comfortable booking a beauty treatment such as a manicure or pedicure, 50% a facial or eye treatment, and 60% a massage. More than half (68%) will also look to book longer two-to-three day wellness retreats, especially those focusing on sleep and nutrition. 

How do clients feel about new spa safety measures?

Customers are expecting spas to put adequate protocols in place and more than three quarters (82%) want to know about your hygiene policy in advance – so keep that in mind. 

Clients are also happy to play their part in adhering to these strict measures too, with nearly everyone (98%) willing to have their temperature checked on arrival, the report found. Many customers also expect staff to be regularly checked as part of the policy, as well as having a cap on the number of guests allowed in the facility at any one time. 

Consumers would also like therapists to be wearing important PPE like a mask, and a smaller number expect them to be wearing gloves and a disposable apron, discovered the research. The good news is that the majority feel that spas in general offer a safe environment, found the report. 

Only 14% said they wouldn’t use thermal facilities, just 5% are unwilling to swim in a chlorinated pool and a small percentage (4%) said no to using relaxation rooms. However, a large majority said they’d probably feel happier outside, so now could be a good time to ramp up your wellness gardens, especially as 23% can’t wait to go for a swim.

Good Spa Guide editor Caitlin Dalton said: “It’s inspiring to see how spas have responded to the crisis and are pivoting their offering. We expect the industry to change quite a lot, but for the better.

“Spas are being forced to innovate. Good spa managers see this as an opportunity to be creative in the way they deliver quality guest experiences in the new circumstances. They’re developing a whole new toolbox, and that’s really exciting.” 

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