4 ways to meet clients' waxing expectations

Good communication, honesty and the right aftercare advice are just a few things that will guarantee you meet your clients’ waxing needs each and every time they come into your salon. Jenny Hunter, head of education for intimate waxing brand Waxu, shares her top tips.  

1. Have an open dialogue 

It’s important that you try and meet your clients’ expectations when performing a waxing service. By communicating with your client at the start and end of the treatment, this will prepare them as to how they can gain the desired waxing results. This will also show your professionalism, experience, knowledge as a therapist, and encourage them to trust your advice.

If this is not achieved, the client could be unhappy with the results of their wax, complain and then be unlikely to return to you or your salon. Communicating well with your clients comes with confidence. The more knowledge you know about the anatomy and physiology of the body, the more you can educate and justify the outcome.

Once the client is on the couch, it’s important to discuss and explain the potential results before the treatment commences. This is obtained by looking at the area and assessing whether the hairs are at the desired length.

2. Be truthful about the experience

It’s vital to be honest and tell your client if you feel that the hairs are not at the length needed, explaining what results are likely to occur. Once this has been talked over, you will need the client’s reassurance that they understand the potential end-result.

This would be the perfect time to explain the hair growth cycle and how shaving and removal creams affect hair regrowth. Many clients are unaware of how the body works and it’s beneficial to educate them.

3. Don't over promise

When the treatment is complete, it’s essential to explain and justify the outcome to the client. The results of their wax should confirm your explanation prior to treatment and they should see for themselves the waxing outcome.

4. Post-treatment advice is crucial 

As part of the home care and aftercare regime, advice should be given on how they can obtain smoother results and recommendations, as well as what they can and can’t do between waxing treatments.

The client should leave the salon with superior knowledge on how they can achieve their desired waxing results.

Jenny Hunter

Jenny Hunter is head of education for intimate waxing brand Waxu

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