Beauty salons among top 10 local businesses supported by consumers during Covid-19

Beauty salons are among the top 10 types of local businesses being supported by UK consumers during the coronavirus pandemic, according to new data from payment service Tyl by NatWest.

The study, which explored UK consumer purchasing habits and the motivations behind them during Covid-19, found that 23% of UK consumers have supported their local beauty salon during the pandemic, ranking it seventh in the top 10 businesses supported. This highlights how much clients appreciate the services you provide.

Grocery stores came top of the list, supported by 45% of UK adults, followed closely by the local corner shop (42%) and pharmacy (32%), the report found.

Top 10 local independent businesses supported by UK consumers in the past year:

  1. Grocery store (supported by 45% of respondents)
  2. Corner shop (42%)
  3. Pharmacy (32%)
  4. Restaurant (30%)
  5. Butchers (29%)
  6. Local market (25%)
  7. Beauty services (23%)
  8. Gardening (19%)
  9. DIY store (19%)
  10. Clothing store (17%).

Just under half of respondents (47%) believe they could be doing more to support local independent stores and a fifth (22%) say they plan to increase spending at local independent businesses “significantly” in 2021.

When asked what would make them spend more at local independent businesses, an online presence, loyalty schemes and accepting card payments were listed as the top priorities for consumers.

More than a third (35%) also said they shopped local to support the economy and 21% cited the reduced environmental impact as a key motivator, the report found.

The survey also created a top 10 ranking of locally-conscious cities, by the percentage of their income spent on supporting independent businesses.

The top 10 locally-conscious cities supporting local businesses are:

  1. Leeds
  2. Nottingham
  3. Glasgow
  4. Sheffield
  5. London
  6. Newcastle
  7. Bristol
  8. Birmingham
  9. Manchester
  10. Belfast.

UK consumers spent an estimated £7.2 billion with local and independent businesses in 2020 and three quarters (84%) of the survey respondents actively supported local independent businesses.

The survey of 4,000 adults was conducted online by Censuswide on behalf of Tyl by NatWest in January 2021.

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