The dangers of DIY lash lift kits

Published 23rd Feb 2018 by PB Admin
The dangers of DIY lash lift kits

Q: How do I stress to clients the dangers of at-home lash lift kits?

With so many at-home lash lift kits appearing on the market, it’s becoming more important than ever to explain to clients the potential hazards of carrying out the treatment themselves.

The possibility of a serious accident is extremely high, especially due to the treatment being performed around the delicate eye area. As a professional, trained lash artist, take it upon yourself to educate clients on not only the risks of these DIY kits, but on the benefits of getting their lash lift done by an expert.

Use the topic to highlight your services and emphasise the number of safety procedures that have been put into place by your training body. From the patch test kits and client records, to the carefully formulated treatment kits and aftercare advice – all of which will be covered by your insurance for extra peace of mind.

At Nouveau Lashes, we instruct all our technicians to perform patch tests at least 48 hours before any lash lift treatment and provide extensive training on all contraindications to avoid any risk of possible reactions.

Karen BettsKaren Betts is director and owner of Nouveau Lashes and High Definition Beauty, and founder of permanent make-up brand K.B Pro.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 23rd Feb 2018

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