Perfect your waxing skills at PB London

Q: How should I decide on the best type of wax for each treatment?

Providing the best waxing service possible for clients simply comes down to choosing the most effective wax for the desired body part.

To wax delicate areas like the bikini area, underarms and face, I’d recommend a hot wax as it’s fantastic for removing strong, thick and coarse hair. Hot wax is designed to shrink-wrap around the hair follicle, removing it from the root without pulling at the skin.

It’s best applied using the tip of a spatula in a medium and even consistency for clean removal. If applied too thinly it could cause the wax to become brittle, preventing a smooth finish.

The ideal wax for areas like the legs, back, chest and arms would be strip wax. It’s excellent for removing softer hairs and more cost-effective for larger areas. You should apply it like you’re buttering bread, holding the spatula at a right angle to get the best coverage.

However, for the best results in a back and chest wax, I’d recommend using a combination of strip and hot wax. Apply hot wax to the strong, tough-haired areas and use strip wax for the rest.

Jenny Hunter Jenny Hunter is a therapist at wax specialist salon NKD in Nottingham and brand ambassador for professional waxing brand Perron Rigot.

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