Natural Spa Factory launches treatments that help ease period and menopause symptoms

British spa and skincare brand Natural Spa Factory is launching a set of treatments to help alleviate the symptoms associated with periods, menopause and pregnancy.

The “I Am Woman” collection, which features three treatments, has been designed to celebrate women at all life stages in a bid to celebrate the female form and “normalise the typically taboo conversation surrounding periods and menopause”.

Woman:Kind tackles the hormonal surges, discomfort and sensitivities typically experienced during menstruation, including a self-heating wrap for the abdomen and lower back and facial to balance hormonal skin.

Pause:Me is designed to alleviate the symptoms linked with menopause, using essential oils and botanical ingredients to soothe, balance and restore calm. It includes the application of an iced collagen sheet mask to cool hot-flushed skin.

Passenger On Board works to ease the strains and stresses imposed on the body during pregnancy, helping to ease water retention and promote a restful sleep with pregnancy-safe essential oils.

“Menopause and periods seems to be particularly difficult subjects for us to talk about, yet 50% of our population has, had or will have them. We don’t want to make a song and dance about it, but to normalise them with treatments and therapies seems a great introduction to dispelling the taboo,” said Emma Webber, co-founder of Natural Spa Factory.

“Mental and physical wellbeing is ever more prevalent, and spa treatments provide the space to support mental wellbeing and illness, including depression, cancer and even degenerative disease.”

More than 800 million women in the world are on their period at any one time, according to the International Business Times, and stats from Menopause UK discovered that 13 million UK women are currently going through the menopause.

The I Am Woman treatments will be available at a selection of Natural Spa Factory partner spas.

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