Online searches for eczema and acne decreased during Covid-19 lockdown

Published 08th Sep 2020 by PB Admin
Online searches for eczema and acne decreased during Covid-19 lockdown

Did coronavirus lockdown have a positive or negative impact on clients' skin? According to digital health and beauty company Revieveonline searches for eczema, acne and redness decreased during coronavirus lockdown as these skin conditions became less of a concern for consumers during this time. 

From March to April, consumer searches for rosacea as a skin concern skyrocketed 111%, followed closely by conditions eczema (102%), redness (96%) and acne (87%), the report found.

However, in July, identifications of these conditions as top skincare issues dropped, showing that four months indoors away from environmental aggressors such as the sun, pollution and grime could have had a positive impact on clients’ skin.

Searches for eczema decreased 37% in June, 22% in July and then another 20% in August, while interest in redness dropped 39% in June, 14% in July and a further 3% in August, the data discovered. 

However, skincare conditions that are increasing in concern to clients in the past month are wrinkles and fine lines, with search terms up 14% in August; and dark spots, which have increased by 13% in the same month. 

This news isn’t surprising as another recent survey revealed that a quarter of UK women say coronavirus lockdown has aged them

However, it is believed that spots and acne will once again shoot up again as a key concern as maskne (aka mask-induced acne)becomes more common. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Sep 2020

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