Edinburgh, London and Glasgow are biggest beauty spenders

People in Edinburgh spend the most on beauty treatments, making it the vainest city in the UK.

Analyst SumUp surveyed more than one million card transactions made at beauty salons, barbers and nail salons in 12 of the UK’s biggest cities, discovering that people in Edinburgh spend on average £39 on a beauty treatment. In close second is London with £37, followed by Glasgow and Newcastle with £33, and Leeds with £32.

Of the 12 major cities, the least likely to spend big is Birmingham, with an average transaction of £26. 

Top 12 UK cities that send the most on beauty treatments:  

  1. Edinburgh – £39   
  2. London – £37 
  3. Glasgow – £33
  4. Newcastle – £33
  5. Leeds – £32
  6. Liverpool – £31
  7. Cardiff – £30
  8. Manchester – £30
  9. Belfast – £29
  10. Bristol – £28
  11. Sheffield – £27
  12. Birmingham – £26

The data also reveals that consumers in Leeds are the most likely to pay for a beauty treatment with contactless payment at 68%, whilst only 42% of customers in Newcastle would do the same, coming in last.

SumUp’s data has also revealed the most popular day for spending big on beauty treatments is Friday, while Sunday stands as the quietest. As well as this, July is reported as the month that clients are most likely to splash out, while August is the time of year that they are least likely to.

“It’s great to see so many British consumers supporting the merchants which make a contribution to the local community,” said head of integrations at SumUp, James Henry. “It’s not just about pride in your appearance, it’s about pride in local business too.” 

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