Editor's comment: how wellness is infiltrating beauty

New data this month indicates that consumers now place more importance on achieving healthy-looking skin than on anti-ageing benefits when selecting skincare products.

Of course, healthy-looking skin is also, by most people’s definition, youthful looking. So, while these stats may not represent a sea change in client spend, they do underpin a shift in the cultural conscious towards products and services that link into health and fitness goals as well as exterior beauty.

Wellness is gradually infiltrating all areas of our lives, changing the food we eat, the hotel rooms we stay in and the technology we use, and skincare is no exception. We’ve already seen a fleet of new launches promoting the mood-changing and mindfulness-boosting benefits of the essential oils they use, but the latest trend to hit the market is for products that protect the skin before, during or after a workout, forging closer links between beauty and fitness.

Our feature in the November issue explores the “athleisure” skincare trend, uncovering the real effects of exercise, heat and sweat on the skin, and pinpointing the ingredients, textures and routines you should be recommending to the fitness fanatics among your clients to help them achieve a healthy glow.

Another huge trend this season – and one that also happens to be fantastic for gym-goers – is the rise of lash lifts. This maintenance-free treatment turns lashes from straight to striking in minutes and is taking salons by storm. But as with any fast-growing trend, sometimes the race to get in on the act can lead to problems with the safety and efficacy of treatments.

Our feature in the current issue explores the common problems you might encounter when doing lash lifts on different client types and how to solve them, offering troubleshooting tips for a flawless finish. If it’s the latest trends you’re looking for, don’t miss our guide to the hottest SS18 catwalk nails, also in November.