The elements to include in an express facial

Published 08th Dec 2022 by PB Admin
The elements to include in an express facial

If you’re thinking about offering express versions of your most popular facials, there are a few key elements you need to include that all clients should experience.

Even though an express facial isn't as in depth as your typical facial, it's still important to personalise it to your client.

"During an express 30 minute facial, my focus is always on one key skin concern my client has - so even though it is an express facial, take a few minutes to consult and evaluate the problem areas," comments Hayley Snishko, owner of Home Sanctuary and winner of Babtac's Best Mobile Therapist in 2022.

It’s also crucial not to overlook the importance of cleansing and exfoliation. "Proper cleansing removes damaging impurities that cause dullness, congestion and ageing, and rebalances the skin," says Tracy Brasenell, UK country manager at Comfort Zone and board member of the Sustainable Spa Association

Brasenell adds, "Professional exfoliation is the vital step that smooths and provides radiance, while preparing the skin to better absorb the active products that follow."

Siobhan Cairney, head of training at Pure Spa and Beauty, says that in the spa and salon group's express facials, they follow cleansing and exfoliating with a non-drying, alcohol-free facial spritz. 

Snishko then likes to incorporate a mask, saying, "I always select a mask specifically targeted to address their concern. The mask ranges now are very sophisticated and offer very specific treatment results, from exfoliating to desensitising and plumping to rehydrating.
"It is important to select the appropriate mask to deliver the best results. Sometimes, if appropriate, I will patchwork masks and use two different ones to target two different areas for optimum results.
"Even though it is just a 30 minute facial, the one thing I always ensure I provide is a face massage," Snishko adds. "This is vitally important due to the effect it has on the skin and products. I love using my Bellabaci face cups during the massage for an enhanced and instant effects in providing a skin lift and restoring a healthy glow."

Cairney agrees with the massage and masking, as in Pure Spa and Beauty's facials "a mini pressure point massage is performed using facial massage oil" and then a "custom-blended mask" is applied.

A massage with oils is not always provided in an express facial, although this gives the therapist an opportunity to upsell a full one-hour facial, so it’s worth finding out what exclusive aspects the brand you carry in your business offers in these types of treatments.

Brasenell concludes, "An eye product, essence, serum and moisturiser are the key steps for delivering visible results and protecting the skin. It’s best to use fine textures to allow for layering and optimal effectiveness, so the skin will be left soft, radiant, smooth and hydrated. Your moisturiser should deliver instant results as well as protection from pollution, especially if your clients are city-goers having the treatment on their lunch break."

"Clients love that although it's an express treatment, it gives them a real quick result," Cairney adds.

What do you include in your express facials? Let us know in the comments...

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Dec 2022

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