Why brow treatments should be your focus for 2023

Published 08th Dec 2022 by PB Admin
Why brow treatments should be your focus for 2023

Brow treatments are continuing to grow in popularity as clients seek to follow trends, try a new look or just maintain their preferred style.

Salon System educator Ruth Atkins explains why brow treatments and specifically being able to provide a Custom Colour treatment with RefectoCil tints should be your 2023 focus.

RefectoCil, the specialist and world market leaders for eyelash and eyebrow tinting, want to provide more than an eyebrow or eyelash tint, they want to provide a customcolour and tinting experience. With the most extensive colour palette available, technicians can blend shades and create a unique colour for clients. 

Recognised as the ‘Hairdressers of the Lash World’ RefectoCil tints allow experts to match brows to dyed hair colour, so any treatment can be tailored, and brows can be as dramatic or as natural as clients wish. Gone are the days when a simple black or brown tint are sufficient, clients are now requesting more fashion and celebrity inspired looks. 

How old do clients have to be for a brow treatment? 

Professional brow treatments can be offered to anyone at any age but obtain parental consent if the client is under the age of 16 (some insurance brokers insist that a parent accompanies at the time of the appointment, so ensure you check). If the young client naturally has a lot of dark hair, there is no reason why they can’t have a treatment from around puberty.

It’s advised that a parent is there to gently support and guide them than to have to experience superfluous hair growth, which can cause embarrassment, alone. A balanced result can be reached between the young client, the therapist’s artistic eye and the parent during a brow consultation.

What should a technician consider when looking to add to their services with a brow treatment?

If you’re bringing brow treatments into your menu, then techs should consider offering a bespoke brow service to create the perfect brow for their range of clients, considering hair colour, skin tone, age and style. You should consider a brow brand which offers a range of tones to give a full brow service. 

RefectoCil has eight shades from light brown to blue black with chestnut and red tones in between to enable you, the technician, to truly personalise your treatment. It’s essential that you’re always providing your client with a detailed consultation about what they’re requiring, expectations and how they may manage their brows. 

Never assume your client will want the same treatment again and again; a great tech will share new trends and colours to ensure their clients are always fully informed. 

Whats the best way to colour-match eyebrow products to your clients’ brows?

When choosing a brow shade for your client, a few points should be considered. Decide if your client has warm or cool tones in their hair, eyes and skin. You may want to bleach the brows and then introduce a lighter shade of brown. You may want to mix tints to add warmth or cool it down depending on the desired result.

Remember, the brows ought to be a few shades darker than the head hair, or you could opt for the platinum head hair and black brow power brow look and completely throw out the old rule book! With the RefectoCil tint range, you have a variety of shades ranging from blonde, chestnut, and violet through to black with pastel shades in between. You really can personalise your treatment.

Why are brow treatments so popular? 

Brows are still big business in the salon and ‘the brow’ is now a staple part of the face, with more thought, time and money spent making the most of this essential framework. Many clients are still frightened that they’ll ‘get it wrong’ if tackled themselves, so leave it to the professionals to manage.

For clients wanting longer lasting brows, they have the option for  semi-permanent treatments like tattooing and microblading. These options don’t come without risks and my advice would be to do your homework thoroughly. Even after a treatment like this - the natural brow still needs regular maintenance work like shaping and colouring.

How can salons market brow services to attract clients? 

My advice for social media would be to post only the very best results of brows. It’s a great way to get ‘your style’ recognised and social media is a great way to encourage clients to keep returning. Post a variety of images of different age groups, range of skin tones and looks, and it’s great to get clients’ positive feedback to share, too. But remember, please do get the clients permission to post beforehand though, preferably in writing. 

Brow treatments go hand in hand with lash treatments - so why not upsell a brow tint at a discount with a lash tint? It’s not going to cost you any extra time and might encourage the client to re-book again.

Is there a course to learn Colour Custom techniques?

Salon System has a certified RefectoCil Custom Colour online course delivered by their appointed training agency, Training Solutions. This course is ideal for an established brow technician and will give you the confidence and knowledge to ensure you can always make the correct colour choices for your clients lash and brow needs.

The course will include a complete lash and brow consultation to enable you to perfectly match your client’s natural colourings and features the complete RefectoCil range within the course. This two-hour look and learn, live webinar will demonstrate bleaching brows for deeper colour transformations, how to cover stubborn grey hairs, and how to achieve ombre bespoke trend colours.

The RefectoCil Custom Colour online course is £42+vat. For more information contact training solutions on 0208 845 4115 or visit www.uktraining-solutions.co.uk to book.

RefectoCil is distributed by Salon System and is available from your local beauty wholesaler nationwide - www.salonsystem.com/lashes/refectocil 

This is a sponsored story in partnership with PDC Brands.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Dec 2022


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