Elemis supports Women for Women

As a symbol of its support for Women for Women International, Elemis is launching a special edition, supersize 100ml pot of Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich. The silver lid is engraved with “She inspires me” – the social media hashtag and the charity’s global campaign.

Women for Women works with women in Rwanda, Syria and Kosovo whose lives have been devastated by war. The charity supports female survivors of conflict to rebuild their lives and create change in their communities, helping them regain economic sustainability and their personal wellbeing.

The charity was founded in 1993 and has since then worked with over 419,000 women in war-affected countries, most of whom are illiterate and earn less than $1.25 a day. Many are vulnerable to abuse and lack knowledge about nutrition and health.

The programme works on the principle that women invest around 90% of their earnings back into their families and communities, creating a ripple effect and elevating themselves out of their situations.

Women for Women gives a woman the opportunity to learn a skill with earning potential in her local community, equipping her with financial knowledge about saving and budgeting and support to set up a small business or group enterprise. She also receives vital health and information about her rights to child custody and land ownership, and how to protect herself against domestic violence.

Some of the vocational skills the charity has taught women include rug weaving, vegetable production, soap making and ceramics. Elemis will make a donation of £16,200 from product sales to fund a class of women in Afghanistan through a yearlong programme with the charity, and has also agreed other fundraising campaigns. 


Video: Women for Women International