Glasgow is cheapest city in the UK for beauty treatments

The combined cost of three popular beauty and hair treatments in Glasgow is the cheapest in the country, at just £60.03 on average.

In comparison the UK average for a half-leg wax, spray tan and cut and blow-dry is £73.32. The findings come from Direct Line for business, which compared the cost of the three treatments in 10 salons from 12 major cities across the country.

Unsurprisingly, London came out as the most expensive city, averaging £86.77 for the combined cost of the three treatments, 20% higher than the national average.

However because of variations in wages up and down the country, Londoners generally had the biggest disposable income, meaning paying out for these treatments every month only amounted to 4.6% of their monthly income.

Bristol followed at £76.78 (6.1% higher than the national average), and Manchester came in close third at £76.74 – 6.1% above the national average. Bristol was found to be the most expensive city for a spray tan, at £26.68 compared to the national average of £21.77.

Nottingham and Birmingham were second and third cheapest overall, though Nottinhgam came out most expensive overall when compared to wages. Residents would be spending 6.6% of their monthly disposable income on the three treatments.

Carly Menken, head of new products at Direct Line for Business, said: “Hair and beauty businesses are a fixture of the British high street, with nearly 100,000 businesses operating across the nation.  While looking beautiful doesn’t always come cheap, workers in the industry spend long hours honing their skills and investing in the best products, making customers feel wonderful and giving them more confidence.”