Guest blog: top tips for securing your dream job

Louise Jones, beauty and wellbeing regional manager at The Training Room, reveals how you can land your dream job in the beauty industry.

  1. Get your CV in order
    To secure your dream job you must have a solid foundation in your beauty education, so gaining recognised qualifications is essential. I also can’t stress how important your CV is. A tailored resume is what will get you an interview, after that it’s largely you.

  2. Have the right attitude
    Once you have secured an interview, you need to remember to look the part for the job you want, so dress professionally. You also need to show enthusiasm, dedication and approachability, as well as a positive, can-do attitude. Show your willingness to work hard and adapt to change because this shows how much you want to succeed.

  3. Be diverse
    You should also be continually developing your skills – this is paramount. Even once you’re qualified keep learning; be it spray tanning, nails or any other sector of the industry. Many people find CPD courses invaluable.

  4. Stay focused
    You also need to work hard; put your heart and soul into what you want to achieve. Meet the needs of your clients with the highest of standards and treat them as you would want to be treated because this will set you apart.

Louise Jones is the beauty and wellbeing regional manager at The Training Room, a leading provider of beauty therapy courses with both part-time and full-time options. Jones is a qualified beauty therapist and overseas teaching standards nationwide.