Have we reached peak brow yet?

Brow styles are constantly evolving, with new trends taking over all the time. Although we’ve moved on from thin and precise brows to big, bold and bushy ones, there are still so many trends to follow.

In a year where feather brows, wave brows and yes, even Christmas tree brows, were a thing, it’s safe to say that we probably haven’t reached peak brow quite yet. If the sector keeps growing, there will always be a demand for new trends and treatments to achieve them.

Clients are always searching for the newest and most innovative treatments to keep their brow game strong, so it’s important to ensure your services are up to date with the latest offering. What’s the latest trending brow treatment, we hear you ask? Well, it’s microblading.

Why invest in microblading?

Microblading is an innovative treatment that offers extremely long-lasting brows that will wow, all through the delicate application of a semi-permanent colour with a fine, sterile blade. This incredibly popular treatment is a hit with clients and technicians alike due to its beautiful, bespoke results that will last up to 18 months.

Offering ground-breaking treatments, both for lashes and brows, is one way to keep your customer base interested, but backing these up with retail products that will help them maintain their looks at home is also key.

These things, paired with effective marketing, will keep your clients coming back for more, as well as encouraging them to try new treatments.

It’s about the retail too

Keeping ahead of the game with the newest, must-have brow products is an ideal way to keep your customers interested. Introducing them to the latest innovations will instil their faith that you are ahead of the game in all things brows.

Natalie Piper is business development manager for The Eyelash Design Company. Piper is a lash and brow expert who has trained techs in Lash Perfect and Hi Brow techniques around the world.