Hear from the experts - How World Spa & Wellness London can make a difference to your business

We spoke to some of our speakers who will be at this year’s World Spa & Wellness Convention to find out how they think visitors can benefit from attending the convention and their sessions to benefit their business.

With a number of inspiring industry leaders from around the world, we wanted to know how they will help fellow spa and hotel owners leave feeling inspired and ready to implement any changes or new ideas to propel their business forward in 2020.

The question we asked...  “How will you help visitors make a difference to their business?”

Erica D’Angelo “I believe that through my experience I can share the idea that, building the success of a Spa through a transformation and evolution of its concept can only be done by beginning with a clear identification of your business purpose: How are you growing, and what are you giving back to the world? Long before asking ourselves what we are doing and how are we doing it, businesses should ask themselves why they are doing it. I believe that purpose driven business, whatever they do, even the craziest thing, they never dare too much as the intention and the direction is so strong to guide them to making the best decision.“

Erica will be hosting the Situation Room session on ‘Managing a Strategic Turn-around for Resort Spas’. View her speaker profile here.

Caroline Cornish - "I'm hoping to encourage everyone to find a little space for sustainability in their spa or salon."

Caroline will be on the panel for ‘Sustainability: What Your Spa Can Implement Today’ . View her profile here.

Sven Huckenbeck - "By demonstrating to them how their business will thrive if they focus and invest in their most valuable asset: the health of their employees and guests."

Sven will be hosting the Situation Room session on ‘Ramping up a Succesful Opening for City/Hotel Spas’ . View his speaker profile here. 

Petra Lelovska - "I hope to inspire visitors with the story of how we have transformed our business by putting employees at the centre of our plans. I will tell them how we have overhauled our culture by engaging our people with a new set of vision and values, and how in less than a year this positively impacted upon our guests."

Petra will be on the panel for 'Recruitment and Retention'. View her speaker profile here.

Gareth Presch – “I’ll give an insight into the opportunities the UN Sustainable Development Goals present for the wellness sector.”

Gareth will be on the panel for ‘Sustainability: What Your Spa Can Implement Today’. View his speaker profile here.

Joanna Roche – “GSN Planet has two important things to share – 1. Our Pledge for the Planet – an 8 point plan designed so all can participate in the care of the planet 2. Our SAT (sustainability assessment tool) – available to members as a way to self-assess and baseline the current state of their business.” 

Joanna will be on the panel for ‘Sustainability: What Your Spa Can Implement Today’. View her profile here.

Kenneth Ryan - "As the largest operator of hospitality spas in the word I look to provide a transparent view into Marriott International’s spa business allowing others to benchmark their practices against a global leader. By sharing, I aim to raise the level of us all as spa and wellness professionals driving a healthy industry."

Kenneth will be on the panel for 'How to Build Wellness Experiences at your Spa'. View his speaker profile here.

Dr. Bryan Williams “My purpose will be to help each attendee understand the importance of expecting excellence from themselves and their respective teams. A heavy emphasis will be on setting unapologetically high expectations and not tolerating mediocrity.” 

Bryan will be delivering Keynote Session 1 ‘Work Like You Own It’.  
View his speaker profile here

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