How can advanced facials help to strengthen the skin barrier?

What is a skin barrier and why is it important?

The skin barrier is located in the uppermost layer of the skin and acts as our protection. The skin produces natural oils to form the acid mantle in the epidermis. 

It is the first line of defence from environmental stressors and it protects the skin from any foreign substances such as bacteria or pollution. When the skin barrier is intact it also prevents water loss and keeps the skin hydrated.

What can damage the skin barrier?

We are surrounded by things that can damage our skin barrier. These can be external as well as internal, so it’s worth discussing these with your clients in the clinic to help them understand the relevance of triggers versus their concerns. Skin education is the key.

Some of the external and internal factors include:



What happens when the skin barrier is damaged?

The easiest way to visualise the skin is by imagining the roof of your house. Once a tile slips, the rain starts to get in and the heat from the house escapes. 

We’re left with cracks and gaps in our skin and when that happens the environmental stressors can penetrate the skin. That’s when we can start developing different skin concerns including:

How can we repair and strengthen the skin’s barrier using advanced facials?

The 3D HydrO2 facial is a great example of an advanced, in-salon treatment that consists of technologies that can support skin barrier repair. 

Starting with exfoliation, the Hydro Peel technology removes dead skin cells, regulates cell turnover and encourages an increase in microcirculation.

Other technologies such as oxygenation, electro ion and ultrasound effectively increase the infusion of products containing natural moisture factors (NMFs), such as hyaluronic acid, into the deeper layers of the epidermis. 

the hot and cold plates of the 3D HydrO2 Fire and Ice facial encourage the skin to produce heat shock proteins. 

These help to strengthen the epidermis layer by heating the skin to 42°C using the “fire” element; while the “ice” element will cool the skin down to 5°C, tightening pores and sealing in all the active ingredients and NMFs to encourage long-term hydration.

How can professionals educate their clients and support their at-home skincare regimes?

3D Aesthetics’ trainer Jon-Paul Hoy highlights the importance of a good home regime and client education.

“I always emphasise the importance of thorough consultation with the client,: he says. 

“By getting to know their habits and at-home skincare regimes, we can understand and recommend correct solutions taking into consideration the client’s skin concerns and the level of commitment.” 

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