How can I make my lash treatments more appealing to clients?

How can I make my lash treatments more appealing to clients?

Lashes really define someone’s face and can help transform how they feel about themselves. However, even if your client often admires other customers’ lashes and is a frequent visitor to the salon, she could feel nervous about opting for a lash treatment for the first time.

Some of the most common questions clients have asked me before taking the plunge include:
• How dangerous is it?
• How long does it take?
• How long does it last?
• What if I have sensitive eyes?
• Will it hurt?
• Are the lashes high maintenance?
• How do I look after them?

Other considerations clients think of before taking the leap include how natural they will look – as most don’t want them to look false, what will happen if they don’t like the results, and so on. All of the above are relevant and real concerns but with a lash menu inclusive of these Q&As and real before-and-after images, your clients can make an informed choice and understand the varied lash treatments you have on offer.

Some clients perceive lashes as false lash applications only, so educate your customers on the great options available. For example, tell them you can optimise their natural lashes because even the tiniest, blondest ones can be tinted, lifted and added to, making them appear longer, darker and fuller.

A simple way to increase your lash sales is to offer a free lash tint with a brow makeover or by adding a few kitten-soft lashes on the outer eye as a taster to see if the client likes and, more importantly, can cope with them. Lash-perming treatments are also growing in popularity, so why not create a lash tint and perming package for clients to experiment with before trying any false-lash applications.

Once your client has tried a lash treatment and realises how gentle the application is, how comfortable the lashes are and how great she looks, she will be booking in for another treatment soon enough.

Ruth Atkins is a lash specialist and educator for professional beauty brand Salon System, whose product range includes Naturalash, Just Wax and Gellux.