How radiofrequency microneedling works in skin treatments

Do you want to know how radiofrequency microneedling works, the clients and conditions it can treat, and how to make a good return of investment when buying a machine that offers this treatment?


Then, check out our Instagram Live, where PB’s editor Eve Oxberry quizzes Joanne Leahy, 3D Aesthetics head of training, on the range of treatments and concerns radiofrequency microneedling can be used for, touching on how the treatment is often used to combat the common signs of ageing.


“Microneedling is specific to where you are treating in the skin,” says Leahy. “There are certain things you can treat really well [with it]. It’s very good for rejuvenation and it helps with skin tightening, but it can also help with overall skin texture. It also helps with [concerns on] the body as well, not just the face.”


The treatment creates tiny holes in the skin using radiofrequency to help target the procedure, forcing the skin into a state of trauma and, therefore, encouraging cell regeneration and rejuvenation.


Treatments vary in the number of sessions needed and the speed of results are dependent on each client’s individual needs. One session can brighten the skin, but up to three sessions can be needed if the client’s needs require further treatment.


Roy Cowley, managing director of 3D Aesthetics, also joined the live. “Microneedling radiofrequency is a standout treatment – it really is very effective. It’s fast and the results people are getting are great,” he explains.


“The reason Dermaforce – 3D Aesthetics new radiofrequency microneedling device – is a standout machine is because of its price point and affordability, as well as its specification.”


The device provides a minimally invasive treatment, with two different sizes of treatment heads for all areas of the body, and fine needles and precise depth control to help deliver a comfortable treatment for clients in short treatment times


3D Aesthetics is offering a competitive quote to those who quote “Professional Beauty” when enquiring about the Dermaforce device on its website.


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