Beauty Backed Trust launches grant programme to support beauty businesses during Covid-19

The Beauty Backed Trust is launching a new Grant Programme on October 7 which features two schemes to support the beauty industry following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Start-Up Grant is a financial donation targeted at individuals whose plans to enter or continue their career in the beauty industry were ended due to coronavirus. The grant could typically assist with purchasing equipment, securing suitable workspace, or meeting additional training requirements.

Each candidate can apply for up to £5,000. Where relevant, equipment or stock may be provided in replacement of a financial donation.

The second scheme is the Support Grant, which focuses on benefiting established businesses and freelancers that need additional help and guidance to recover from Covid-19 and evolve post-pandemic. The support grants are also available for a maximum of £5,000 per business.

How can I apply for Beauty Backed Trust’s Grant Programme?

Those who wish to make an application should visit Beauty Backed’s website. Applications will be reviewed by the trust manager to make sure all the required information and documentation has been provided before the Trustees decide if it is something that the Trust can support with. 

Next, applicants will be invited for an interview with at least two of the Trustees. Candidates will be able to access online training courses for support during and after the application process, provided in partnership with Barclays Digital Eagles.

Those who are successful will be provided with a mentoring programme for guidance and support throughout their journey, to ensure funds are used appropriately, and that those who were successful make the most of the assistance offered to them.

“We want the Grant Programme to be accessible to everyone who needs support while ensuring that the Trust has adequate information to fully support each candidate,” said Beauty Back Trust manager, Amy McLean.

The Beauty Backed initiative began in 2020 to support independent businesses and entrepreneurs within the beauty industry who were directly impacted by the Covid-19.

Since then, it has been awarded Trust status and has run several successful initiatives, including the Back to Work campaign to help salons reopen post-Covid-19

Will you be applying for the grant? Tell us your thoughts on the scheme below.