Covid-19: Beauty Backed initiative for struggling beauty sector awarded Trust status

Skincare expert Caroline Hirons’ Beauty Backed initiative, which was launched last year to raise funds for the beauty sector during the coronavirus pandemic, has been awarded Trust status.  

Beauty Backed will launch as a Trust on March 24, 2021, and aims to support beauty professionals in their return to work when Covid-19 lockdown has ended. 

Beauty Backed’s trustees Hirons, Alexandra Forbes, aesthetic therapist and owner of West Room Aesthetics Dija Ayodele, Babtac chief executive Lesley Blair and MUA Lisa Potter-Dixon put out a joint statement on Instagram announcing the news.

The statement read: “Over the last year, we have witnessed much of our industry struggle to stay open and viable. As a sector representing an 88% female workforce, with 82% of business owners as women, we need to stand together and make a change.

“We see ourselves in our colleagues and as past and present beauty business owners, we understand the hardships Covid-19 has created alongside the repeated delays in reopening our sector and lack of individual sectoral funding support. 

“As trustees, we are truly passionate about the beauty industry and are delighted to be instrumental in taking Beauty Backed from a movement to a Trust. Our initial goal is to support as many beauty professionals as possible to get back to work.” 

For further information on Beauty Backed, contact Lucy at or visit the Trust’s website

The Beauty Backed initiative originally launched in August 2020 to help beauty therapists, facialists, make-up artists, clinics and more who were unable to work due to the Government’s current Covid-19 restrictions, and this included restrictions on face treatments which were in place in some parts of the UK. 

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