Covid-19: Beauty Backed launches to raise funds for the struggling beauty sector

Skincare expert Caroline Hirons has launched the Beauty Backed campaign – a fundraising initiative that aims to provide financial aid and support to beauty businesses that are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative will help beauty therapists, facialists, make-up artists, clinics and more who are unable to work due to the Government’s current Covid-19 restrictions, especially after the reopening date for treatments on the face in England changed last-minute from August 1 to August 15.

The campaign was launched after Hirons and other industry experts heard the heart-breaking stories of beauty professionals that have not had the financial support necessary to sustain their living throughout lockdown. 

“The beauty industry’s contribution to the economy, to employment, to supporting entrepreneurs (predominately female) unquantifiable and the way it has been so mercilessly let down will not stand,” says the Beauty Backed page.

“Together we can rise up to show just how much this industry of powerhouse individuals and businesses means to us all, both in ongoing financial as well as emotional support and encouragement.”

Both Babtac and The British Beauty Council are supporting the campaign.

How can I help the Beauty Backed initiative?

Beauty Backed is raising money for those unable to work due to the Government’s current restrictions on face treatments – many of those affected have had no income for five months.

You can make a donation to help these individuals and businesses survive the pandemic via the Beauty Backed Go Fund Me page.

100% of donations will be dispersed via the initiative’s partner, the Hair and Beauty Charity, who in turn will donate to the individuals and businesses who apply for help to stay afloat while the restrictions are still in place. The charity has been helping hair and beauty professionals in need since 1853.

Beauty Backed is also using its voice to present the case that these current restrictions on beauty businesses imposed by the Government must end. Add your name to the Beauty Backed petition.

Industry reactions

Facialist Nichola Joss commented on Instagram: “This is heart-breaking and much needed. I am spinning at the decisions being made from Government, spinning at the lack of financial help and adding pressure from landlords – it’s despairing, disrespectful and degrading to a hard-working professional industry that contributes so much and gets back so little. 20 plus years and I may have to close my doors if we cannot get help.”

Consultant Fiona Brackenbury said on Instagram: “This is just a brilliant idea. I know so many small beauty businesses that need help.”

Facialist Andy Millward posted on his Instagram page: “Already shared the link to my Insta Stories but keeping this in my grid, and this is not an issue that will be resolved in 24 hours (although with @carolinehirons on the case it won't be much longer). Tagging professional brands I work with also to see if there anything you can do to help those in the industry that need your support 🙏🏻.." 

Will you be helping the Beauty Backed initiative? Comment below.