PB Upskills (March 22–26): microneedling, boreout and the salon experience post-lockdown

Our PB Upskills programme for March 22–26 will cover some hot topics in the beauty and spa industry, from how to adapt your client experience post-coronavirus lockdown, to an important discussion on boredom syndrome (aka boreout) and how this could be impacting you and your team’s mental and physical health.

For skincare fanatics, we have a session sponsored by Shop Beautiful on how amino acids can boost skin health, as well as a microneedling with transepidermal solutions class sponsored by Mesoestetic.


What to expect from our PB Upskills series (March 22–26):


Monday 22 March – 11am – Practical Skills Live with Annette Matthews – “The power of amino acids in the anti-ageing process” 

Sponsored by: Shop Beautiful

In this Practical Skills Live, join Shop Beautiful and skin expert Annette Matthews to learn more about intrinsic and extrinsic considerations, the skin's anatomy and the skin ageing process. Matthews will also explain how biologically compatible ingredients like amino acids can have an optimum impact on skin health in this active workshop. There will be a 10-minute audience Q&A at the end where Matthews will answering your burning questions. 

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Tuesday 23 March – 1pm – Tough Talk – “Live with Cathy Ball, spa director at Calcot Spa”

This week, Professional Beauty managing director Mark Moloney will be having a frank conversation with Cathy Ball, spa director at Calcot Spa in the Cotswolds and director of The Calcot Collection. 

Moloney will ask Ball the secrets to her success and the challenges she’s faced over the years, as well asking her opinion on how the spa industry will bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Wednesday 24 March – 12pm – Facebook Premiere with Corey Taylor and Liza Smith – “The new customer experience: the changes to make in your salon this year”

In this pre-recorded webinar from our online event PB World (which took place on February 28–March 2), we discuss the new salon customer experience and how essential it is to having a successful business, covering the challenges of 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic and the simple changes you can make in salon to attract new clients. We will also examine how to keep a hold of your existing customers while taking your services to the next level. 

Our beauty and hair panel includes: Corey Taylor, co-founder of NOCO Hair; Liza Smith, owner of Bodylines salon in Kent; and out host Laura Husband, editor of Hairdressers’ Journal, which is Professional Beauty’s sister title. Please note that this is a pre-recorded session. 

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Thursday 25 March – Lockdown Lessons article – “Are you and your salon team suffering with boreout (boredom syndrome)?”

Many beauty professionals are struggling with boreout (aka boredom syndrome) during the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in low self-esteem, feelings of shame and culpability, avoidance strategies (killing time), a crisis of social identity and feelings of societal uselessness. Sam Pearce, founder of Low Ears – an initiative helping to safeguard the mental health of the beauty industry, explains how to manage the condition.  

This article will be going live at 9am. 


Friday 26 March – 10am – Practical Skills Live with Kat Coleman – “M.pen Pro microneedling with c.prof transepidermal solutions”

Sponsored by: Mesoestetic

In this joint Professional Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Practical Skills Live, Kat Coleman, Mesoestetic training ambassador, explains how you can achieve awesome results using Mesoestetic transepidermal c.prof solutions vehicled into the skin by means of microneedling with the M.pen Pro device. This treatment will enable you to successfully treat concerns of ageing, pigmentation, hair loss, acne scarring, stretchmarks, body-contouring and more. There will be a 10-minute audience Q&A at the end. 

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