How salons can offer online retail to stop clients buying elsewhere

It’s hard to know what the salon protocol will look like moving forward, but what we do know is that salons want to continue to make the same money they did before the Covid-19 pandemic. 

During lockdown, Phorest Salon Software has continued to innovate, with the salon owner at the forefront, to help them achieve that. 

This month, Phorest is releasing 10 new features to help salons reopen smoothly and successfully. The latest development has been designed to offer a new revenue stream, plugging the gap and helping businesses throughout the last few weeks of lockdown and on reopening.

How can I sell beauty products online?

The new Online Store feature allows you to set up targeted sales so that the investment you put into your clients is returned to your till. It syncs with a salon’s stock and client history, and is fully integrated with Phorest’s software, including the SMS and Email Marketing Suite. 

This allows salon owners to to target clients based on their purchasing and services history – it’s as easy as pick, click and sell. 

Pick...the products already in your inventory to sell online send your readymade email campaign open up a brand new revenue stream for your salon   

Once your salon is back open, the Online Store can be used to plug the revenue gap caused by social distancing and drive high-profit-margin sales. It doesn’t rely on the customer coming into your salon for a service - they can order their favourite products, online, directly from you, rather than going to a generic retail giant. It’s time to put your best sales person to work. 

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