How to add brow services to your salon

Published 08th Dec 2022 by PB Admin
How to add brow services to your salon

Are you thinking of adding brow services to your treatment menu? Or maybe you’re already providing the treatment but want to increase your bookings. 

The initial outlay to set up a brow station or brow bar is very small and can greatly increase your revenue, not only in services but in the retail products that go hand in hand with brow treatments.

Brow services do not need a lot of space, so it won’t necessarily need to take up any extra room. A professional, well-constructed brow will frame your client's face, open and lift the eyes, and define and balance features, making brow services an attractive treatment option.

So, what’s stopping you? Salon System educator Lisa Stone shares her thoughts on brow treatments…

What should you consider if you’re bringing in a new brow service?

To achieve a full brow service, you should be considering these essential areas:

  • A full diagnosis/consultation
  • Tinting services with understanding of custom colour blending – the RefectoCil Custom Colour course is ideal for this
  • Waxing, threading and tweezing services for hair removal 
  • Make-up application and products to retail 

How should you market your brow services?

Brow services can be easily marketed by eye-catching posters and leaflets in the salon. Your brow station should be neat and tidy with full range of products displayed to draw attention to the services. 

Don’t forget to be using your social media to post lots of before and after pictures of your work, too. 

If you have a website, ensure it’s updated with your full treatment menu and customer testimonials. Let your work speak for itself! Word of mouth is the best marketing you can get and its free.  

If you’re providing another treatment with your client – think nails or facials – don’t forget to talk to your clients about the brow services you offer. 

More importantly, have amazing well-groomed brows yourself and use the products you sell; be a walking advertisement!

What do you need to consider when providing a brow treatment? 

There are several things to consider when looking at customising a brow or carrying out brow correction: 

  • Ensure all clients have been patch tested to reduce risk of allergies
  • Carry out a full diagnosis/consultation 
  • You need to look at face shape, size of eyes and how the eyes are set 
  • Skin types and skin tones
  • Will they be changing their hair colour? Do they want to create brows to match? Will you need to bleach?
  • For fashion and trends, look at fashion magazines and social media as this is what your clients will be asking for 
  • What have you got to work with? Are brows sparse or overgrown? 
  • What is the client already doing to their brows? What old habits do they have? 
  • Are there any scars? This is important as you will need to style the brows around them

What course do you suggest for experts looking to progress their brow treatments? 

The RefectoCil Creative Custom Colour course delivered by the Salon System appointed training agency, Training Solutions, enables you to get creative with tinting and is a must for an expert looking to expand their skills and treatment menu.  

Gone are the days when a simple black or brown tint is enough. Using RefectoCil’s extensive colour palette, you will learn how to custom blend shades and create a bespoke colour for clients that suits their unique complexion and compliments their personal style. 

An ideal progression for established lash and brow technicians, this concept will provide additional confidence and knowledge to ensure correct colour choices for client’s needs are met from consultation to suit client’s natural colouring and features to blending application and aftercare.

With RefectoCil Custom Colour Blending, nine looks can be created, whether it’s a natural look or more creative look:

  • Natural look soft colour
  • Warm shades autumn look
  • Cool shades winter look
  • Pastel style rose shades 
  • Purple effect get creative
  • Blue shades cool look 
  • Red style exotic look
  • Blonde hair dark brows
  • Happy blonde soft bleaching  

The RefectoCil Custom Colour online course is £42 plus VAT. For more information contact Training Solutions on 0208 845 4115 or visit to book.

RefectoCil is distributed by Salon System and is available from your local beauty wholesaler nationwide -

This is a sponsored story in partnership with PDC Brands.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Dec 2022


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