How to advertise your salon's Facebook page

Published 15th Jul 2019 by PB Admin
How to advertise your salon's Facebook page

No matter how much you plan your content, you’ll never be able to reach your Facebook page’s entire audience in one go.

Reports show the “organic reach” (non-paid-for content) of posts on Facebook usually only appears in the newsfeed for 7% of the people who “like” your page. To reach a wider audience, you’ll need to consider using Facebook Ads. The good news is that Ads aren’t as scary or costly as you might think, especially if you know the tricks going in.

What type of campaign do you need?

As with anything on social media, you need to have a clear goal in mind before you start a Facebook Ads campaign. While there are plenty of campaign options to choose from, here’s three types that are simple to use and often are the most effective.

Brand Awareness: This campaign is designed to make users more generally aware of your Facebook page. Facebook’s algorithm places your adverts strategically across the website, increasing the likelihood that customers will take notice of your page.

Engagement: There are a number of options when you choose an Engagement campaign. This can be great if you’re just starting your page, as you’re given an option for “Page Likes”. Increasing the number of people who like your page will mean that while the percentage for organic reach of content remains low, you’re still reaching more people.

Traffic: If you’ve got a great website, then this is what you want to use. Traffic adverts help direct people from your Facebook page and through to your site. Make sure the advert matches with your website experience to ensure a smooth customer journey.

Key tips for your first advert

Once you’ve chosen which type of campaign you want to use, you’re able to choose your audience, based on a number of demographics – use your Facebook Insights to help guide you here. Once you’ve chosen your target audience, it’s time to make the advert itself. Here are some quick wins that will help your first ad be a success.

Use high-quality images, unique to your business. Facebook ads allow you to use more than one single image, either as multiple images in one post or as a slideshow. Take your customers on a journey through your salon, or show off your treatment results.

The first 90 characters in your advert are key. Mobile is the highest source of traffic on Facebook, but adverts tend to be cut down to the first 90 characters on these devices. Be concise and lead with your key selling point or message to ensure the best response.

Choose your placements. Facebook suggests automatic placements as “recommended” – but in reality, this just means Facebook puts your ads in places people tend not to look. Always choose to “edit placements” and restrict it just to Facebook (and potentially Instagram, if you’ve got some really killer images).

Keep on top of your social media with this guide on scheduling your posts effectively. You can also see Chris' advice detailing three great tips to build your social following.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 15th Jul 2019

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